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2005 CTS windshield wiper randomly turning on and off

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Started happening recently windshield wipers seem to have a mind of there own. For the most part they work normal on and off works fine typically when I need to use them but now recently at random times it will just decide it wants to turn on and then won’t turn off for 10-30 minutes then will randomly turn off and work normally again for a bit before deciding to randomly turn on again. Seems like a common issue I’ve read just looking to see what exactly I need to fix. Is it just the motor itself or is it some type of switch? Should I just pull the whole unit out and replace it?? Could I just pull one for pick in pull? Any suggestions appreciated.
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Hey guys. I'm having a similar issue (wipers just wont turn off), and ive been reading an old thread on here about it:

I'm driving a RHD 2005 CTS though, and someone on that thread is under the impression that the motor cover (part no. 88958172) is different in a RHD CTS than a LHD one. I'm genuinely confused here - cannot see how a small part like this would have a difference between RHD and LHD.

I've searched online and can't find any reference, nor can I find a "RHD compatible" part.

Before I shell out $120 on part, international shipping and customs fee's, I don't suppose there is anyone out there that can shed some light on this mystery for me?

Wipers driving me crazy.
Why would you think the LHD wiper motor will fit a RHD? The wipers themselves wipe from the passenger to the driver of each car respectfully. So that part would be a mirror image and not an exact shape and such.

The wiper assembly (mounts for the wipers themselves etc) I expect to be different obviously, but the motor is quite small and has plenty of room in there. It is just the motor cover I need to change that has the pulse board inside, and even with what you are saying, Im struggling to grasp why the housing for the motor/cover would be different in a LHD/RHD vehicle.
Apparently it is: DR(export) is rhd, I learned that the hard way by ordering a blower motor that was for a rhd car and it spun the wrong direction lol. That is quite a price difference for a rhd wow.
Cheers for spreading some light on that for me mate, no matter how much I searched I couldnt find anything. Gutted though - silly that its 3x the price of LHD one.

Ive got some electronic soldering skills so think this is going to be a case of getting the broken pulse board out of the car and swapping all the capacitors etc.
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