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2005 Cadillac CTS-V For Sale
142,000 miles (will go up slightly since it's my daily)
$13,500 OBO
400 horsepower LS6 V8, 5.7L
6 speed manual transmission
Silver with Grey leather interior
All power options, Multi disk player, Navigation, Heated seats, Sunroof, and more.

If interested please TEXT first to (678) 549-0999 or email. Don't waste my time with low-ball offers! I'm in no hurry to sell. Clean title and I have it in hand.. No bank Liens.

I bought this car last December (2014) with about 137,000 miles on it and haven't had any issues. I work from home so it barely gets driven. I LOVE this car and it get's a lot of compliments since they're fairly rare. You've got the luxury of a 4 door Cadillac with the performance of a Corvette! I'm just ready for something a little different. Car is in good shape for it's age. You would never guess it had 140k miles on it by looking at it. Interior is in good shape except for a couple of spots on the dash. Body is nice except for one new scratch. It just got a fresh detail and wax job. Oil changed twice since I've had it (2,500 miles apart each time). Brand new rear tires.

The modifications are listed below (these were done by the previous owner and the only ones I can verify are the intake and wheels):
- American Racing 20" wheels (chrome) - these do have some curb rash
- Upgraded rear end/differential to newer generation (done under warranty.. 04-05' parts were weaker)
- K&N intake
- Katech or UUC short shifter and bushings with billet shift knob
- Upgraded mufflers (Magnaflow maybe?)
- Windows tinted (looks like around 20% or so)
- Clutch kit about 2.5 years ago
- Optima Red Top battery

Since I bought it, I have plastidipped the wheels (hides curb rash) and all emblems black (easily removable), spray tinted the fog lights and front turn signals, and added a Kicker amp for subs with adjustable bass knob.

- There's a fresh scratch and small dent on the rear, passenger side door (a heavy mirror fell into it). It's about 1.5 inches long. Some paintless dent repair and touch up paint should fix it
- There's a slight exhaust leak coming from exhaust gasket on driver side. It sounds like a faint clicking inside the car when under acceleration. I was quoted about $250 to fix this. Pretty easy job for anyone who has the know how.
- Serpentine belt squeaks sometimes. I have the belt.. just haven't gotten around to replacing it yet. May be done soon.
- Feels like it could use some new motor mounts (shakes when cutting the engine off) - $150 at Creative Steel
- Check engine light came on a few days after I bought it. The previous owner cleared the code so I wouldn't see it. I had it checked and it's a catalytic converter code so nothing that's harming performance. I had a performance shop clear all codes so that it passes emissions. A used cat can be bought for $100 or so. I never replaced it since I was thinking of deleting the cats and upgrading the exhaust anyway
- A few light swirl marks on the exterior of the trunk. Hard to notice, but will probably buff out
- Two blemishes/spots on the dash where something was glued down and taken off. Created a raised area on the dash.
- Missing a small piece of weather stripping on the rear, passenger side vent window. It's about a 5" piece of rubber. Not sure what happened to it, but it was allowing water to get into the door frame. A shop put silicone in the gap, but it still leaks some during hard rain. It's garage kept so I haven't noticed it much since the silicone was added.

I think that's about it.. any questions feel free to ask. I'm 100% honest when selling vehicles so no one's time gets wasted! No spam calls or people asking to help sell my car! All low-ball offers will be ignored. I have the title in hand so no dealing with getting it paid off before you take ownership.


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