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2005 CTS no crank no start

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As the title says my 2005 CTS has had this problem for some time now that it doesn't even try to start if i don't have the battery charger connected overnight after it starts up just fine, well sounds like a bad battery right? But even new battery didn't solve the problem and i ran a battery test which indicated that the battery was good.
Well then the weird part is that after an about 3 hour drive during which the car worked fine, i shut it off, and tried to start it and, nothing.
So what would be the problem? I've been worried about the ECM going bad and since i live in Finland, a new ECM from US is gonna take forever and the nearest Cadillac (or GM in general) dealer is in Germany so that's a no
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Ah yes i forgot to mention that i did find a parasitic draw from LT Park fuse about 2.5 amps, but the thing is that car won't start right after a long drive and the DIC says that the battery voltage is 13. Something, so i've been suspecting the alternator too2 says bad diode i reckon why the display is showing batt, volyage good and also bad..yes ..glad im not a blonde on top of this prob. im currently in process of alt. change and yes ittza beoche!
r&r alt. izza beoche lol! my obd
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