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I have a 2005 CTS BaseBought it with a JVC head unit, but wanted to put an original in so I could see the info screen.

The pull your own part scrap yards around me have been great for parts so far, got a lot of things almost brand new.

I found a 2005 CTS Base last weekend with the original radio in it, took it out, fit perfectly in my car, got all the wiring hooked up and it was working. Had my info screen!

The next day I turn on the car and it says THEFTLOCK. Nothing will make it go away, can't use radio at all.

I researched, found out that it's to prevent people from stealing radios and putting in their cars so each one is specifically linked to a vin. You out it in a car with a different vin, bam theftlock.

I called the dealership near me, they said it'll cost $100 just to look at it, and could be more to get this fixed. NO FREAKING WAY.

I know they have a device, like a scanner, that can reprogram my vin so it syncs with the radio, but I'm not paying that for it.

Does anyone know of a way to bypass this on my own?

I have the junk cars vin that I got the radio out of and could go back and see maybe there's something inside I could take out and use that'll make it think it's in the right car?

Also, both my car and the junk car have on star. I'm thinking maybe this creates the problem could be set up so on star is connected to only that vin...

If I went back and got a radio without on star..anyone know if it's make a difference?

I've found scam sights saying they'll give me a free unlock code only to then be asked for money, and random links that say push presets 1 &4 or 2 &3 at the same time etc.

Nothing's worked.

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