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04' SRX
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I'd like to know what the process is for correcting the engine chuggle that I have read about here on the forum.. I just hit 50K miles and my check engine light came on with the error code p2270"signal stuck lean sensor 2 ECM detected to h20 sensor has reported a lean condition for an extended period during an intrusive test probale cause (Air Leak -near H02s2) or (failed H02s2)failed h02s as probable causes.
I have the low speed chuggle and the hesitation...
The second code I pulled on the sensor reads p2096- post catalyst fuel trim system low limit- Faulty MAF sensor, high fuel pressure.
I have read that some other members have had to have their 02 sensors replaced and/or their cat converters replaced. This appears a covered in my warranty booklet under the 8/80 emmissions warranty.
Do I need to bring the vehicle in ASAP and how long does the repair take...


04 SRX v6 2wd- 50kmiles
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