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I have a couple questions -

WHEN did this problem start?
if it has been going on for a while -
is the fuse blowing quicker now?

does the fuse blow at ALL speeds - or just higher speeds?

how long does the fan run before the fuse blows?
immediately - 10 seconds - 5 minutes - etc -


could be several things -

debris in the blower cage causing a high power draw -

clogged cabin filter restricting air flow - causing high current draw -

worn out blower motor -

disconnected/clogged cooling tube at the blower motor -

bad ground resulting in high current draw -
there is a "common" ground hidden behind the passenger side kick panel -

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Disconnect the connector at the blower motor and see if the fuse blows.
That'll tell you whether the problem is in the blower, or downstream.
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