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Friday my Service Ride Control Message came up. ECM says bad exhaust valve on the compressor. My rear shocks are already torn but still function as shocks but I really want the message to go away. It was cleared but came right back. Ready to order from Amazon the Dorman 949-000 Compressor and Monroe 40034 shocks but I wanted to see the huge price difference compared to a local parts store and the part store online need to know if I have the Zw7 Premium Smooth Ride Suspension and to order Monroe 40209. How do I tell? I have a 2004 Escalade base model.

Thank you all.


Did a little more online research and I needed to look at the sticker in my glove box to find out. Mine is a Z55 so the 40034 are the ones. Compressor, shocks and 2 day shipping costs $715.
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