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2004 escalade radio no power probs....

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My escalade was recently stolen :(...... They jacked the xm from under the glove (it was recovered since the cops arrested these fools) They managed to rip some wires from under there. I was wondering if I can find a diagram of the electricals from inside the escalade's glove. The two (white) harnesses/clips are plugged in with no cut wires. One black harness is missing (i think that was the xm's) and on black one was cut out and gone forever. There are like 6 cut wires that I've spotted.

On thick orange wire (guessing its the 12v)
Green wire (speaker maybe)
Black w/ white stripe (speaker?)
Brown one that comes from a diff location (towards the passenger door)
And a big black one that seems to have 4 wires in it (I'm guessing the clock???)

The clock has no power, but the light turns on on the clock. The radio has no power, the whole nav thing i mean. The climate control works. I doubt its a fuse prob since there are cut wires..

I wanted to know where I can buy the clip to connect the cut wires to and if there is someone with some knowledge on how to do this.

I hope i don't come off as some random newb that idk... It's been a while since I've been a newb on a forum lol. I just wanna fix this since I'm behind on my music by like 2 months.

About the jack: It was like 1PM on Saturday when I had got a car wash and went to where I work. It's right next to a freeway. 10 min later I go outside and the car is gone. When I got it back, they seemed to have popped the keyhole from outside drivers side, unlocked it with pliers, Popped open ignition and forced it to turn with pliers again. The dealership wanted 1500 to fix the security thing for the ignition. I said well it didn't seem to work so F U.

Thanks for info.

To summarize for those like me that hate to read long posts:
where to buy wires, need diagram, why no work!
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I found a pic of the connections that are missing under my dash behind the glove.

I think its the 12 pin one that I need for the power to the radio. Is that true? Also would this be the right one to buy:

Metra 71-2003-1

It doesn't let me post links :(

lemme try this:

replace the weird stuff into normal link lol...

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I moved your thread here in the Escalade section. Someone here should be able to help. Good luck.:thumbsup:
Anybody? Somebody? Somebody please help me...
Sam try a salvage yard like LKQ or someone even local.

They sell these radio's and other parts all over ebay, I dont see why they couldnt cut you out a good length of the right half's of the harnesss's you need as the radio's and what they sell dont even come with the harness's.....

I think you might get lucky via this route/method....

Best of luck !

THanks for the reply. I will definitely try that.

I already bought the wire so I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a diagram of under the dash where the wires are so I can follow that.

Also if someone has a 2004 escalade, can you please post an image of what under the dash looks like. Not under the dash, but behind the glove box. I need at least 3 angles. I will take pictures now and up them to show what I need and what mine looks like :(
It was the fuse the whole time...... Wow... how coincidental... idk how that happened..

lol so the ripped wires aren't related to my radio... but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Thanks for all your help you guys. You guys really pointed me in the right direction btw. :worship::worship::worship::worship:

This is the best forum in the world..... not.
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