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Quick question?

I have a 2004 CTSV. The car has 157k miles and I’m doing a litter refresh on the suspension/ drivetrain.
I just did a ls7 clutch swap, creative steel short throw with bronze trans adapter and associated bushings. Also did creative steel rear cradle and front diff mount. Along with this was a new driveshaft shop carbon driveshaft.

I realized I should of done one at a time to isolate an issue but here I am after doing everything at once. The car drives fine. Little more noise in the shifter as to be expected.
But today I took the car up to 100mph. Everything was normal until I let off the throttle. A vibration occurred. It went away around 70mph. So I accelerated again to 80mph. No vibration until I let off the throttle again. So I put the car in neutral. Vibration continues. But, if I do 80 -100 and apply just enough pressure to the throttle to where the diff is not driving the drive shaft(decelerating) the vibration is non exsistant. So it’s really only there when decelerating and the diff is driving the drive shaft.
I’m guessing that the vibration may have been there but the torn bushings and swapping to the CS subframe bushings May have brought the vibrations to my attention.

Wondering if anyone has any information. I’m guessing pumpkin or axels?

I did do a search and found some good information but not the exact issue I’m having.
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