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2003 Seville SLS Extended Warranty vs. Certified ?????

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Here is the latest update ...

Currently the car has 35,500 miles on it and is still in factory warranty until dec of this year! ... The guy I am buying it from works for a Cadillac dealership, and he told me that his dealership could certify the vehicle for aprox $1900.00. He said that it would extend the factory warranty to 100K total vehicle miles or 3 years, Dec 2010 ...

Do you think its smarter to go with the certified or the "GMPP" ? Speaking generally, do you think this vehicle even needs an exteneded warranty?

The link to the ealier post, I could figure out how to delete this one!! :
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I would personally go with the GMPP.
Its basically just carrying the warranty over. You are gauranteed GM parts etc....And the price is probably not that much different.
And I do believe you may be be able to get it for 5 years for a bit more cash.

Im surprised that a Cadillac Dealer isnt offering you the GMPP.
That right away would make me go Hmmmmmm????

Read the fine print on the certified. Chances are you would not get a rental car if your vehicle is in over night. Among other things that are not covered. Its preety smooth the way they word those after market warranties.

As to wether or not it is needed really depends on the individual.
If you feel you can do the work yourself, if you have the skill and the time, if you can afford to miss work because of no vehicle if it takes longer than expected to repair, etc.....than a warranty is not required.

But if you prefer to have others do the work, and feel the cost of a warranty sets you at ease "in case" something happens, (safety blanket), and wont bother you if you never use it.
Then by all means get the warranty.

I dont know if youve had any major to even small problems with your car as of so far. If you havent then the gods have been good to you.
But on that note its preety well gauranteed that something will happen at the most inopportune time.

You will probably need a mount, rod, joint, bushing, sensor, or something somewhere before the year 2010.

Nothing lasts forever.
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Whichever is cheaper... They are the same thing.

Both are a GM backed GM warranty.
I have the CPO. Once in a while, they give me a rental car.

I've used the CPO warranty A LOT. Trust me, you'll want it. Get it and be covered for the next 65,000 miles and three years.

I don't think they're the same thing. Call Caddy at 800-333-4CAD and ask them what the differences are.
Read the fine print on the certified. Chances are you would not get a rental car if your vehicle is in over night. Among other things that are not covered. Its preety smooth the way they word those after market warranties.
Certified is not an aftermarket warranty. It is an extension of the factory bumper to bumper warranty to 6/100K. Mine is certified and if kept overnight I alway got a loaner.
Indeed, the only thing the CPO does not cover is squeaks and rattles. It is an exact extension of the original factory warranty for 6/100.
Thanks guys .... I haven't had any major problems with my other cads, however, I got them cheep, so I figured if it was a major problem I could start over!!!

This one is a bit more costly!!!
I agree that if I bought anything, it would be the CPO (Certified Pre Owned). You are authorized a loaner car under the CPO warranty, and as Thu said, it's basically the bumper-to-bumper warranty extended out.
So it appears its different in the States then in Canada.
Its my understanding that when buying a used vehicle from the dealer, if it is within x amount of years it is said its certified pre owned. And that warranty is only for about 3 months. But it comes with the vehicle and is not added on to the price later.
But if you want more extended warranty that is when you purchase the GMPP.
The only warranty offered here to purchase is the GMPP.

That is my understanding.
Anyone from Canada...please correct me.
The certified program does not exist in Canada this is a US only thing...
The coverage you will get with the top of the line GMPP is pretty much exactly the same as you will get with the certified program which extends the factory warranty to 100,000 miles.

As I said before... They are pretty much the same... bumper to bumper... complete coverage... no deductable... backed by GM etc etc

Get which ever is cheaper.
Thank you very much Ur7x.
So close, so much the same, but many times so different.
Thanx gain for clearing up that confusion for me.
And for anyone else that I may have inadvertantly confused.
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