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2003 Cadillac Escalade 5.3L
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Hi all, I have a 2003 Escalade 5.3L and the drivers seat back won't recline back or forward and lumbar controls don't work either. The seat moves back and forward and up and down like it should and the passenger seat works fine. Memory function and easy exit also work fine except for seat back.

I replaced the switches on the drivers seat and still nothing. Seat back motor works after testing a 12V direct jump.

Another issue is after I pull the key out, one of the lumbar control motors in the seat back keeps running for around 10 sec then turns off but there's no movement in the lumbar or seat back sides. If I hit the lumbar control switch, the motor starts again but there's no lumbar movement at all.

I have removed the seat, removed all of the connectors and cleaned with alcohol. I inspected all wiring and everything looks good. Even removed the module board, inspected for corrosion and cleaned gently with alcohol. As soon as I replaced the module board, the seat back moved back slightly then lost all function again. I had to jump the seat back motor to make it drivable.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Moderator edit: Welcome to the forums! I will move your question to the correct page. This is the wrong model year for you. -Byrdman
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