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:)Ohhhhhhh wowwwww, what a nice replacement this thing is! Cost me $80 each x 2 from Amazon....had about $120 in gift cards from out of pocket was only around $40. Took it to a mechanic friend to install it.....only cost me a 12 pack of Del Taco tacos ($14). He drove it to another friend's shop to do the alignment, and that friend didn't charge him anything because of an owed favor.

Now the stance of the car looks leveled and the ride is so darn nice. Feels like I'm driving on a memory foam mattress haha....I love the improved feel and handling of the Deville with the Quick Struts (model #181685). Only downside is that it took 14 days to arrive from the date of order but it's a non-issue now that it's installed.

Here is the vendor on Amazon:
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