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2003 Deville
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Hello all. 2003 DeVille base model.

Owned the car since April. Sometimes on the highway between 50 and 60 depress the pedal a little extra and the car downshifts and accelerates with a very satisfying note, a little bit more and it may drop all the way to second and shoot forward with and even more satisfying note that says "I'm out to get ya!". And sometimes, nothing happens. It does not respond at all until I've reached the travel which would have dropped two gears and it finally drops one, and even then, nothing to write home about.

I've believe this happens mainly on uphills ... of course for a given power I understand there will be less results, but it does not seem to be trying. Yeah, I can't run uphill at 60 mph carrying 4000 lbs, but still...?

Under ideal highway driving I have seen 25 mpg, but on a recent long road trip averaged around 20. Not sure if this represents difference between thinking about maintaining a steady speed and thinking about getting there, or a real loss of power per gallon burned.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts