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2003 CTS will not start after cleaning engine

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Help Needed

My 2003 Cadilac CTS with over 235k miles will not start after cleaning engine with engine cleaner and rinsing with hose to remove some oil from valve cover gasket leak. After cleaning I started car successfully and ran for about 20 minutes. The next day - nothing, all lights and panel come on but engine does nothing. Checked codes and came up with:

P0850 Park/Neutral Switch Input Circ
P0616 Starter Relay Circ Lo
P0128- Coolant Temp below Thermostat

After reading the forum I tried putting the car in Netural - same response
I have currently disconnected the battery

I'm sure my brillant cleaning effort was not a wise course of action, lesson learned.

Any guidance appreciated...
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if you didnt cover your electrics like ecu and such its likely water has got in remove all electrical plugs and check for dampness
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If the battery was not disconnected when you were washing you could have shorted out any number of electrical sensors/circuits, this is why I rarely wash the engine, if it was a carbed v8 with a couple of sensors sure but a caddy has loads of electrics, I take the engine cover off and wipe it, that's it.
I think your best bet now is to bend over and take it to the caddy dealership and hope that they use lots of lubrication when they hand you the bill.
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