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2003 CTS will not start after cleaning engine

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Help Needed

My 2003 Cadilac CTS with over 235k miles will not start after cleaning engine with engine cleaner and rinsing with hose to remove some oil from valve cover gasket leak. After cleaning I started car successfully and ran for about 20 minutes. The next day - nothing, all lights and panel come on but engine does nothing. Checked codes and came up with:

P0850 Park/Neutral Switch Input Circ
P0616 Starter Relay Circ Lo
P0128- Coolant Temp below Thermostat

After reading the forum I tried putting the car in Netural - same response
I have currently disconnected the battery

I'm sure my brillant cleaning effort was not a wise course of action, lesson learned.

Any guidance appreciated...
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Used 'Gunk' Heavy Duty Gel engine degreaser
Thanks for the feedback. After checking connections, I am still having the same problem - no response at all from engine. After having battery disconneted for a while, the error code that I get now is:
U1016 - Loss of Class 2 Communication with VCM
U1016 - Loss of Communications with PCM
How do I pinpoint this problem - where is the VCM & PCM
Where is the VCM PCM connector located?
cleaning of the PCM/VCM completed along with Idle Learn Procedure. Same result - no clicking sound or anything when I try starting motor - tried a jump start, nothing. The only significant code I am getting now is: B1004 - Keep Alive Memory (KAM) ... What are the other possibilities? no clicking sound so I wouldn't think it iisthe CPS. Could it be the starter related ?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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