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2003 Deville, 2003 Supercharged Marauder, 550HP, 520TQ
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Excellent condition! 165,000 miles but you would never know it. Looks and drives like a car with half those miles. No rust! White diamond with tan interior.

I bought this from my son. My ex wife passed last summer and he inherited it. She took good care of it, but it needed some TLC. I am a very good mechanic, so I bought it last October and did the following:

New genuine GM rear air shocks and Arnott air compressor.
New front struts and springs.
New front sway bar bushings.
New alignment.
New headlights.
New chrome grille.
New Cadillac chrome plate frames.
New floor mats. Super thick.
New fuel pump and sending unit.
New fuel filter.
New water pump, tensioner and belt.
New radiator overflow reservoir.
New serpentine belt.
Michelin tires with plenty of tread. Probably 30,000 miles left.
New steering wheel switches.
New used license plate surround. The old one was cracked. I will include the old one that is still worth $$ on ebay.
Used radio and climate control module installed with switches that are not all rubbed off. I have the extra radio.
All fluids brand new. Transmission fluid cherry red, radiator, brakes, power steering, engine (Mobil 1).
I undercoated under the rear and center of the car and the interior of the trunk. I ran out of time to finish the front of the car before it got too cold out.
I fixed most of the burnt out bulbs in the interior. I have extra switches and spare parts.
Extra new rear springs. I bought them and then realized I did not need them. Too expensive to ship back.
New Interstate battery.
There's more little things I've done, but can't remember everything. I have all the receipts.
It has some dings but nothing too serious. I get a lot of compliments on the car.
The engine leaks oil a little from the oil pan, but they all do.

I have gone through the entire car and everything is great. It starts, runs and drives fantastic! I truly believe this car is good for another 150,000 miles with little fuss. It has the chrome wheel package. The stereo is awesome. I was planning on keeping it, but the feeling that is was my ex wife's car sorta bugs me.

$3950 obo. I'm taking a loss on it, but oh well.

I will post pics soon. The car is at my son's house and I have to wash it and snap some pictures tomorrow.

You can also call or text me at 815-451-7705 and I can text pics.

The car is in Crystal Lake, Illinois, a little northwest of Chicago.
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