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2003 17" wheels

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I have a 2003 cts sport luxury edition with 17" wheels that look like crap and need to be replaced. I cannot find any reference to 17" wheels on a 2003. I have found a few good sets for sale but dont know if they will fit, since there is no reference to this size wheels on a 2003 with regard to bolt pattern, offset, etc. Anyone out there know anything?
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The bolt pattern is 5x115 and I can not remember the offset off the top of my head. There are guys in this forum that have stuffed 22's in the wheel wells with no problems. edited ~ Rolex: post in classifieds
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Check e-bay for some 17" CTS wheels (polished). The originals were chrome and they pitted and rusted. Try the polished nickel they hold up better.
if you find all new rims i'll take one of your old ones off your hands, smoked a curb with one of my 17" stockers. need a new one before next winter. had to put on my summer rims early this year, and its still mad sloppy out.
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