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Yes, that is correct. So the plastic sleeve in the fitting has disintegrated. That unfortunately is what typically happens over time.

So you have a decision to make. Order the new fitting if you want to maintain the original setup or change it over to the brass barbed hose fitting and modify the pipe like what I did. If you decide to order the correct replacement fitting, I'm still not sure if your new white plastic disconnect is the right replacement for the one that broke. I suggest you put it onto the pipe and see if it snaps over the rib on the pipe and stays on the pipe. Then remove the fitting from the crossover, put the black plastic pc back in (don't worry about the O-ring) and snap the fitting onto the pipe and make sure the new white disconnect keeps it all together.

Wait...... I just went and looked at my old fitting and I think your new white plastic disconnect is the correct one. The 2 little retainer ears should snap over the rib on the pipe and that's what keeps it on the pipe and then they also snap into the groove in the fitting.

You still need the new threaded fitting. It will come with all the plastic pcs and O-ring already assembled. Is it possible that Advanced Auto has the fitting also?
Hopefully someone can respond to this old thread. My question is I have the crossover off and replacing the connector because mine broke too, which I new it would taking it off. Question is I bought a threaded hose barb and 5/8 hose. Am I supposed to just put enough hose on the barb end to put the original metal pipe on? I thought I needed to run the hose from the barb to the other pipe it connects to by the wheel well, but the hose kinks down by the crossover thread connection. The pictures on this thread a blurry and don't come in clear. Oh, the car is a 2002 STS.

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Welcome to CF !!! We just did some housekeeping for clarity and continuity. Maybe more info in the Seville forum, too. Google "cadillac forums 2002 STS heater circuit quick connect fitting water crossover" or something close.

You had posted this identical question in three long-dead threads. One has been deleted entirely, the other two have been merged. Now those have been moved to your own new thread on the heater circuit quick connect fittings.

Buy the correct quick connect fitting on the HELP! racks at large parts stores. Don't jury-rig it.

You might want to subscribe your car to the online GM/Cadillac service manuals at You WILL need the correct info.

Click to enlarge, use the side < > to scroll. Click the little grid at lower right to delete the picture info bar.

Water crossover assembled.gif Heater hose connections - outlet.gif Heater hose quick connect - inlet.gif
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