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2002 STS Exterior Parts Lists

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Hi All,
I am looking for parts lists (numbers exploded Views e.t.c.) for body and suspension parts for my 2002 STS. Can anyone help on this one
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:thumbsup: 'Ello from the Far West.......Go to the archives at the top of the page and snoop for the Parts List - Seville '99 -'03 series. It's a 1.5 mB PDF download, and has all the breakdowns plus exploded line drawings of the whole car. (from a Ware/McAlpine/Sampson derivative.......)
And greetings to you Don from Rainy London...

Apologies for the Newbie questions I should have trawled the forum a little deeper. There is an absolute goldmine of info here.

Thank you so much to you and the fellow members for all your help!

May I also convey my sincere thanks also to the Admin staff for a wonderful site.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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