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2002 SLS HVAC - system "dead".

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Hello all

I have a problem with the heater of my car. The heater will not respond to any controls except the fan. I can change the modes on the display but the mode doors will not move. I can change the
temp on the display but the blend doors do not move.

I took off the battery cables and touched them together let the car sit overnight with the battery
disconnected. I reconnected the battery started the car up and none of the HVAC controls work.

I took the control head out of the 2001 SLS parts car and installed it in the 2002 sls and it does the
same thing has no actuator movement. I tested the 2001 before removing it and it seemed to work

During all this there has been no HVAC codes.

Thanks for any help, Joe
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You might want to subscribe the car to (the GM shop manuals plus a LOT more) and get into the HVAC diagnostic trees.
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