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I recently bought a 2002 Seville which had no RKE when I obtained it. Taking a cue from a previous post on this forum I contacted and ordered 2 RKE units.

The resulting experience was, shall we say "less than pleasant" for a number of reasons. At this point I have two remotes which would not program. My locksmith verified the RKEs were operating (signal) and said they were not for my vehicle. When I contacted they insisted they work with my car and gave me a link to the following site:

The part numbers they shipped me were 25656444 and 25656445, which are shown on this site to work only up to year 2000 Sevilles. I can't believe I have had such difficulty with this company, first shipping only one remote and claiming they sent two until I proved them wrong, then receiving the wrong remotes while they insisting they work with my vehicle when the site they point to for reference clearly shows they do not.

Does anyone here have the proper part numbers for 2002 Seville RKEs so I can show them the error of their way?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I ended up paying $90 for two remotes from the locksmith -- I don't feel too bad about it since they WORK! Looks like I wasted my money with BEWARE!
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