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2002 Seville STS
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A few months ago I took over a 2002 Seville STS from a brother who had a stroke. The car is in very good condition with only 98000 miles.
I've recently done some repairs, such as water pump, radiator, air injection valve, catalytic converter and a/c blower.

Another issue that I need help with is the Bose radio/navigation sound system, and DVD player and 6 disc CD player.
The Screen is completely blank and does not work. The system had been working at one time while my brother was still driving, however since his stroke he does not recall what went wrong with the system.

I welcome any advice as to possible repair options or replacement options. I've checked all the fuses that I believe are part of the system, butdo not have clue what to do next ?

Thanks ... KIT
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