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2002 Escalade Bogs down and dies Only when AC is running? HELP

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So im having an issue with my 2002 escalade. It started last summer but never happened once during thw winter until l this week when i started using the AC again. Basically Randomly without warning the truck will start to bog down idle at abour 3-400 rpms and then die. It usually happens at stop lights or if i leave it running and run in the gas station ect. Sometimes though it will die even driving highway speeds. When it happens i have to pull over wait a few minutes and then it starts back up again.

Anyone have any ideas? I have a 2400 mile round trip to miami a week from now and need to figure this out!!

Here are some possible ideas i have. AC is overcharged? Bad Compressor? Throttle body needs cleaning?
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They deleted my other post but I said to clean throttle body & air intake. Good idea to change fuel filter I forgot 03 had them. Does it have trouble starting ? More time?
If the fuel filter is new and you think it has water in it I would take off the lines and dump it out. Probably won't do anything. Do you have a check engine light? How about the air filter did you ever change that? Most likely not the problem either. Does it happen while your on the parkway or stopped at a red light
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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