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2002 Escalade Bogs down and dies Only when AC is running? HELP

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So im having an issue with my 2002 escalade. It started last summer but never happened once during thw winter until l this week when i started using the AC again. Basically Randomly without warning the truck will start to bog down idle at abour 3-400 rpms and then die. It usually happens at stop lights or if i leave it running and run in the gas station ect. Sometimes though it will die even driving highway speeds. When it happens i have to pull over wait a few minutes and then it starts back up again.

Anyone have any ideas? I have a 2400 mile round trip to miami a week from now and need to figure this out!!

Here are some possible ideas i have. AC is overcharged? Bad Compressor? Throttle body needs cleaning?
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I would clean the throttle body and change the fuel filter
Likely due to the added load caused by the ac compressor
I have had it happen before with my 03
The only other thing that can cause it is the fuel pump of cleaning the throttle body and replacing the fuel filter doesn't help
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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