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2002 ESC
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were can i find a front bumper cover

Hello Everyone, My online name is Turtlemountain I own a 2002 Eldorado.ESC. I've had it for a couple of years now. I like keeping what ever car i drive in good condition. My Eldorado has a few issues. Low milage. 58,000 I've never join a form but last night I was reading some of the advice I found on this site and found some really grenerous infomation. I look forward to sharing and getting this car into top run condition, thank you.
list of Issues
1-front and rear bumper cover looking for a good deal.
2-oil pan leaks. is this hard to change? It looks like a tight space but i hoping I can do it.
3-Vinyl top is starting to ware. I think I would like to take get rid of the vinyl any thoughts on the matter would help. remove verses cost to repair/
4-is there 3 O2 sensors . I rplaced one in the front and one behind the cat. And if there are three is it easy to get to.
5- I got the car from a friend in Florida. The car belong to his mother. They seem to have keep up on all the car. To me it seems to have alot of issues for such low mileage. I have an appointment for front end work Monday. I'm suprise by the oil leak. In general is this a solid car or a hole to throw cash into. I like the car. There is one major scare i had. It over heated, over a year ago. White smoke from the tail pipes. A mechanic use bar's gasget sealer and told me to get rid of it. Long story short. I used the sealer again. to make sure the issue was solved. It seemed to have fixed the problem but I have concerns. I've driven the car for at least 600 to 800 miles with no over heating problems. Is it a miriacle sealer or was my problem not as bad as the mechanic said. I'm afraid of driving it hard. but I did take it up over 100 a few times and hit the paasing gear. I figure what the lets see if this engine is shot or not. It iseems to run great.
Any thoughts on this would be great. Thx.

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O2 sensor B1S1 is in the top of the right (rear) bank exhaust manifold and is murder to change. Why did you change the others ?? Did you have specific O2 sensor diagnostic trouble codes ??? (DTCs)

B2S1 - left bank exhaust collector
B1S1 - right bank exhaust manifold top
B1S2 - after cat

The oil pan seal is a large job. The engine needs to be suspended from above, the cradle and transmission removed, the pan removed and cleaned and the new GM RTV Gray seal procedure should be used. Check the oil filter, oil filter adapter, oil pressure sending switch and oil level sensor first.

The coolant/overheating/exhaust steam is not solved, only patched. In some of these engines the cylinder block head bolt hole threads fail, causing a loss of clamping pressure on the head gasket(s) which causes coolant loss and engine overheating. Pouring in goop temporarily "fixes" the leak(s) until such time as the head(s) loosen even more - and the goop begins to plug up cooling passages and the heater core.

Please read the several sticky threads on the subject in the Engines; Northstar forum.

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I'm glad you realize the (strong) possibility that this car may be a huge money pit.
The low mileage concerns me because it [suggests a lot of short trips; maybe not
heated enough to keep it dry and lubricated. Remember, too, that this is a 13 year-
old vehicle and your seals and gaskets will reflect the age and limited use. Do you
have maintenance records on this car? On the other hand, it is a marvelous vehicle
(when everything works) - I have one myself. Just be aware that a restoration and
maintenance program will not be cheap. The ESC cost nearly 50K 13 years ago, and
it should be no surprise that the maintenance reflects the high entry price. Ya gotta
pay to play. Good luck and God bless.
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