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2002 Deville.....Radiator replacement

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My good friends neighbor has this car, sweet older woman. Wont part with it for anything, 54,000 miles, in quite good shape.
Radiator is cracked, she was quoted $1350 to replace and that it was bad because this 'car has head gasket problems'.

Anyway, it doesnt look like too bad a job, has anyone had experience with this? is the 2002 engine of an era with head bolt problems...?

She would love to keep it, it runs strong...

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Get the Spectra 2491 radiator from RockAuto. Look at the RPO sticker under the spare tire cover to make sure the car does not have the V03 HD Cooling option. Otherwise it doesn't matter if the car is the base, DHS, or DTS trim level. (The UltraPower 2491 is the same radiator)

If you want, do a cylinder block exhaust gas test. Rent the tester at any parts store. That will tell you if the head gasket is bad due to failing cylinder block head bolt hole threads. Follow the instructions and don't try to "make it better".

These radiator plastic end tanks crack over time. Even if the system was overpressurized by leaking exhaust gas the surge tank cap will vent off pressure at the 18 psi set point. A "leaky head gasket" win not normally blow up a radiator. Catastrophic sudden total gasket failure - maybe. Pissy slow leak - no. The "head gasket" overheat comes when there's enough coolant loss to cause the water pump to lose flow - then the engine overheats and goes into Camel Mode.
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The Deville Touring Sedan (DTS) was the top of the Deville line until Deville disappeared in late 2005. Any "DTS" after that is NOT a Deville. Yes, 2002 saw more head bolt changes. Look at the head gasket sticky poll in Engines;Northstar for a non-scientific failure rte poll by year.

Send her (car) to Midwest Cadillac Repair, Joe Blau, in Palatine - just NNE of you.

Google it - he's a Northstar magic wizard.
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