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2002 Deville.....Radiator replacement

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My good friends neighbor has this car, sweet older woman. Wont part with it for anything, 54,000 miles, in quite good shape.
Radiator is cracked, she was quoted $1350 to replace and that it was bad because this 'car has head gasket problems'.

Anyway, it doesnt look like too bad a job, has anyone had experience with this? is the 2002 engine of an era with head bolt problems...?

She would love to keep it, it runs strong...

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I appreciate all your input!
She a sweet woman and I want to help her.. Is the 2002 a latter year with less head bolt problems?
She did say it was a DTS , she wanted the performance vs luxury option back then.
It really is in very nice condition for it's age
she also has lights on for ABS/traction control and something else. All lights were related. I am sending her to a mechanic in Chicago that people I know ,trust
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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