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2002 Cadillac Deville (Base)
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Just a little write up from a previous blog entry I had written up recently hope you guys dig:

Cadillacs were considered an aging old man’s car before their new and younger targeting designs such as the rise of the CTS. But I never really cared for specific markets, seeing an a 10th gen Cadillac was awesome, I always thought damn now there’s a car that isn’t bad on the eyes and can make a hard day’s work melt away with a soft and comfy ride. Sure enough I was right, when I got handed the keys to one.

Let’s start off with the goods on this car. Now normally I’d laugh at such silly things as soft suspension and an isolated from road noise cabin, but there are days when one’s tush doesn’t feel like taking a beating from race stiff suspensions or maybe hitting a nice bend at 60 miles an hour doesn’t really matter. Yes, yes I should be hanged for even thinking such sacrilegious thoughts, but deep down you know it’s true, rare but true. Besides that soft and posh ride lies a good gem, a 300 hp V8 under the hood that cranks out 295 ft-lbs of torque, yea a little low in regards to today’s more advanced machines but she still is a nice aluminum engine, that while a little lazy at times but will haul ass in a matter of seconds when needed. The 300 horse powered beast also makes a nice mpg of 17-28, depending on how you treat the gas. Exhaust tone wise with the stock pipes is nothing ground breaking as it’s been silenced to death being that it is a luxury car and not a hopped up rat rod, but give it a nice set of new pipes and the 32-valve engine makes a pleasant thumping to the earth. Let’s start with exterior.

The bodywork on this car is nice and classy, in my opinion, it’s no alfa-romeo, of course. There is nothing but subtle line work, compared to the straight and edgey design of the previous years. While it doesnt retain the killer tail fins from the past the deville has a nice set of led tail-lights, the headlamps on the other hand are kind of huge but provide some nice lightage for night-time driving, the front face cares a nice smile and a giant grill and killer hood ornament ringing in it’s heritage. The car sits with a low and passive stance on it’s 16′ shiny alloys wheels. Next let’s talk about the creature comfies.

While GM’s interiors are pretty impressive with today’s new models, a few years ago they weren’t, the Deville is frankly a little plain jane sorta-speak. The dashboard I had was a mono green digital readout, but there is an analog and digital readout available for the DHS and DTS versions which look way cooler and have a nice idiot swoop display when you start it up. The mono green display suffered from poor readout when you had the sun glare reflecting them out of sight. There is some faux wood panel strips all around the vinyl panels which seem like they can crack eventually. The good news is that the seats make up for this, even though they are covered in a somewhat fakish leather, pleather possibly who knows, or cares being that they are so damn comfortable. Surronding the seats is the amount of space the car gives to the driver and passengers, it could seat five people easy, six a little tight. Mind you I did this test with average sized people, no one above 6-ft unfortunitly. Trunk space is also impressive probably could fit a body or two in there with some luggage. The stock sound system is good, no need to dump in a new sub, unless you want to rattle your trunk.

Heading to drivability. Ok from an enthusiasts point of view the car is smooth really smooth, awesome right?, but the lack of road feel from the steering wheel can be a bit dissapointing, besides the steering feel, the car has the turning radius of a rhino when in tight spots, the car is giant so it is expected. One thing I sort of left out earlier was that the engine powers the wrong axles for you rwd purists, yea I know blashphamy!, but open up the hood and you will see the engine is indeed facing the wrong way, it’s side pointed at you like some upset child in time out. While I was a bit disappointed in the truth, I remebered that the car was for comfy and not for racey. Should the idea of a fwd urks you much I suggest you get a 2005+ Cadillac STS which has the engine facing correctly or pick up a rwd Lincoln Towncar which has a slightly better interior, but a weaker engine compared to the Deville/STS and not as cool as a caddy

My last point of the car is how cheap these cars can be had today, why get a new SUV when you can pick up a very good Deville for $6,000-$13,000 (depending on milage) some are even built for towing which can make it a great people and functional carrier. There are some problems that you want to keep an eye out for, water pumps go bad, the ckp sensors on early models 2000-02 are poorly made and will cause the car to stall spontaneously if they aren’t replaced, headgaskets while uncommon in these newer models can happen so keep an eye out and sniff for coolant in the exhaust to avoid a big repair bill. A/C problems can also appear out of nowhere to with these cars. As with any airbagged suspension check it out for dragging, while it looks cool it’s a horrible driving experience and a costly repair, unless you want a faux low-rider.

Good luck on your searches should you want one, and I’ll hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
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