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Well, this week i will hopefully get started on my mod to have DRL's like the new cts'. I love the orange/amber look for DRL's. Since my foglights dont actually give any light output (LOL) i will convert them to DRL's. I already know that to disable the drl you need to cut the ground wire off the highbeams and then just ground the highbeam bulb. This will ensure your highbeams will work normally. Then you have an actual DRL wire. It runs at about 1/2 voltage, i think its about 6v, so i will use a low voltage triggered relay to boost it up to 12v. Great, not i have full power (12v) drl's. Now comes the fun part:
I will take out my foglights, measure and cut the 883 bulb housing out. Then, i will go to my local junk yard and find a "parking light" housing from another car, or any housing that holds an 1157 bulb, and also get the bulb connector! I will cut out this base and them epoxy it to the foglight. Viola, Now i have a rebased foglight housing that i can install 1157 amber bulbs into. From this point i will just wire up the housing. Then to make things more interesting, i will either diode isolate or relay isolate(i have not figured out which method i will use yet!) to hook up the foglight switch to these lights, mainly cause the wiring is there and amber at night is extremely hot!
Im guessing this is about a 6 out of 10 difficulty level project. But hopefully by next week, i will have this done and i will have pics.
Any input on this is welcome!
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