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2001 Seville Navigation Questions

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Hello All,
Just bought a 2001 Seville STS with the Nav system, but the Nav CD is missing and I have a couple of questions:

Is GM Part# 25744273 (Map #9 version 5.1) the latest version for the SE Region Nav CD?
*Is it possible for someone to burn a copy from an original Nav CD?

*I do understand that it is illegal to copy Nav software, but it seems GM is no longer updating/supporting the older CD Nav systems.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

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I just spoke with a rep from GM Navdisc (1-877-628-3472) and was told they no longer support or have info for the older CD based Navigational systems!
They could not even tell me if the Nav CD (GM part# 257442273) is the latest or last Nav CD they provided!
Anyone willing to burn me a copy of Nav CD #9 (SE Area), if it's possible?

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