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2001 Seville has a P0302 error code.

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Re: 2001 Cadilac DeVille has a P0302 error code.

Also, do these NorthStar engines burn valves?
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Re: 2001 Cadilac DeVille has a P0302 error code.

Welcome Aboard !!! Here's the layout for the left (front) cylinder bank ignition system. The right (rear) bank is identical except that you must carefully remove the AIR distribution valve from the valve cover bracket and remove the two 10mm nuts on the flange at the exhaust manifold.

Many more diagrams and pictures of your engine in my albums. Click my username, open the profile. Left column, 2 albums 6 pages of stuff. (The 2000 - 2004 Northstars are basically identical except for car model installation requirements.)

I suggest that you read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive way up ^^^ in the top black bar. Always read through the sticky posts at the top of the threads page of any forum of interest. Learn to find advice and repair how-to's in Tech Tips - i.e. "cadillac forums 2001 deville spark plug replacement" or something germane. Definitely read the stickys in Engines, Northstar

Seriously consider getting a real GM/Helm set of service manuals from eBay or OR, subscribe the car (multi-year) to - the GM service manuals plus a LOT more, including labor times, old parts pricing, TSBs, RPOs, recalls, DTCs, diagnostic trees.

TSB, RPO, DTC ????? The "Acronyms" sticky on this forum main thread page.

Burned valves are uncommon. The aluminum heads with hardened valve seats move a LOT of heat out of the exhaust valves very quickly.


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Re: 2001 Cadilac DeVille has a P0302 error code.

Which Seville model ??? It helps with diagnosis, so please update your profile.

SLS = Seville Luxury Sedan - 275 hp engine, 3.11:1 economy final drive, the VIN Y powertrain.

STS = Seville Touring Sedan - 300 hp engine, 3.71:1 performance final drive, the VIN 9 powertrain.

Because the acronyms actually mean something, there is no such thing as a Seville Seville Luxury Sedan. Same as for the Deville Touring Sedan - DTS actually meant something until the 2006 non-Deville "DTS" series began.
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