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2001 Northstar AIR Valve

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How do I get the AIR valve off the back of the engine to get to the spark plugs? Please help. I have it to where I think its loose, but there is a nut inside the mounting plate that I don't seem to be able to get to. Is there a secret to this? Thanks Gramps
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Re: 2001 Deville

Get a ratcheting flex head 10mm box end wrench they made getting that valve off a 15 minute job for me. As an alternate go down under the car and disconnect the pipe that goes to the valve and pull the whole setup off, valve pipe and bracket at one time.
Re: 2001 Deville

OK I got the valve off, I wonder if we will be able to get it back together. Another little snafu, I broke a spark tower off while getting the assembly out of the engine. Is this only a dealer part?
Whatever the proper name is for the post that plugs into the sparkplug boot.
With a 2001 STS, sounds like you're in the market for a new ignition coil cassette. should carry this, but it won't be cheap.
Yeah, unfortunately I don't think you can buy parts for the ignition cassettes. You'll probably have to replace the cassette unless you get on from a junk yard for parts.
I looked the cassette up on Rockauto, your right about being not cheap. I then called around here (Birmingham, Al) and found it for ten dollars cheaper than Rockauto, it's good to know what to expect to pay. Thanks Ranger and Ejguillot.
You found it locally cheaper than Rockauto? Wow! :thumbsup:
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