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2001 Non-Bose Speaker Sizes + Installation Help?

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I've searched the forum for this info with mixed results. Best guess is 6 1/2" in the front and rear, but this wasn't specific to the 2001 Cat. lists the '01 Catera as having 7" speakers in the front and rear! Can anyone confirm (for sure!!!) what the proper sizes are so I can purchase before I rip the doors apart??? Which leads me to my next question ... any "proper" procedure for getting at the speakers (i.e. door panel removal tips, methods, etc.)??
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Go here
You can punch in what model and it will say weather it fits.

I'm in the process of installing a set of 6.5" components into my 97. I'm doing some fiber glass pods to get better imaging but they would have fit in the stock locations with just an MDF ring.
Just watch the mounting depth, if you go to deep than you will need to remove some metal.
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