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New here. Hopefully you fine people can help me with my tranny issue.

2001 Eldorado ESC, 70,000 miles. Great shape. Bought it four months ago. Been driving great until last week. Service Transmission notice came on and it began shifting hard between all four gears. All gears engage with no problem, just a slight hesitancy going from one to the other while accelerating. Feels fine when slowing down. If the service transmission light hadn’t of come on, the very dull non-mechanical “thump” it makes while shifting feels more like a broken mount? Tach doesn’t bounce in any gear, and all four gears plus OD engage, as does reverse. Tranny doesn’t make any mechanical noises, no whining, grinding, etc. No sharp metallic noises when going from gear to gear. Just that dull thump. Changed the fluid. The old fluid was definitely darker than normal but didn’t have a burnt smell. Didn’t notice any obvious floaters. That hasn’t helped. The problem is steady, doesn’t come and go. Doesn’t get better or worse as vehicle comes up to running temp. Otherwise vehicle runs fine except it needs some new front brake pads. The current codes are listed below followed by all history codes. I bought it at an estate sale. It belonged to the sellers Uncle. Seller thought his Uncle had the transmission “worked on” about a year before I bought it. Didn’t know if it was rebuilt, partial rebuild. solenoid. I got her for $1,800. Ideas? Am I about to lose a really good buy?

P0731 Current Gear 1 incorrect ratio
P0732 Current Gear 2 Incorrect Ratio
P0733 Current Gear 3 incorrect Ratio
P0734 Current Gear 4 Incorrect Ratio

P0174 History Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 2
P0512 History Start Switch Circuit
P0601 History Control Module Read Only Memory (ROM)
P1564 History Vehicle acceleration too high Cruise Control Disabled
U1064 History Loss of communication with DIM
U1152 History Loss of Data HCM
U1300 History Class 2 Short to Ground
B1552 History Keep Alive Memory KAM Error
B1341 History Air Mix Door Two Fault
B1327 History Device Power Circuit Low
B1558 History BCM EPROM Checksum Error
B1982 History Device Power Circuit High
B1983 History Device Power Circuit Low
B0856 History Battery 2 Out Of Range


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