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2001 Eldorado Question

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I used this board in the past and found it to be extremely helpful. I keep having an intermittent problem with the car not starting at various random times. The dealership can’t find anything wrong, but every so often when I turn off the engine and sit in the car for awhile, when I go to leave and start the car up again it will not turn over.

It’s not the battery, as everything else still has power. If I take the key out and wait a few minutes it usually starts right up. It happens most often when I remain seated in the car and stop for a short period of time. Sometimes when I stop to get gas, or stop to eat something quick.

I read my owners manual and thought it might be a security feature having to do with the keys or key fob, but the dealership says no. Any ideas of what could be causing this?
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Thanks Ranger. You gave me a lot of great info. I will try some of your solutions and see how she does. Thanks so much!!!
Thank you BassCatt and Ranger. When I say “does not start” I am referring to the engine not even turning over or making a sound. That is why I believe it has more to do with the key.

It starts fine 99% of the time, then every so often when I go to leave somewhere (without having exited the car) it will not “engage”, so to speak.

I am going to try cleaning the key and ignition out as you suggested as I truly believe that’s where the problem is. Hopefully that will do the trick. Also, now that you mention it, I will also try wiggling the shifter, as it could be as simple as the shifter not clicking all the way into Park.

You guys are so knowledgeable and informative. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. I am not mechanically inclined, and running to the dealership for these annoying little problems is certainly not convenient or cost effective. Thanks again!
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I am a complete novice, so I need a lot of direction. When you say clean the Lock Cylinder with electrical contact cleaner, does that mean I just spray it right into the ignition where I insert the key?

The ignition has never been cleaned and there have been a lot of smokers in the car, so I am thinking this could be the cause of my problem.
Please advise. Thanks so much BassCatt. You are so knowledgeable!!!
Thanks so much. Got it. Really appreciate your responses. I will give it a try. Thanks again.
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