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2001 DTS Need a little help here

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Hey guys/girls, so first things first im new here so my problem MIGHT have been solved already, it would be great to get the answer sooon though

Basicly, my problem is this. I have a 2001 DTS it started out running great but then it started over heating (needle passes center mark) and the car would start smoking..smelling alot like burning oil/coolant.
Got that fixed after changing the thermal stat and it started running normal again
However, the car still smokes, the smoke smells somewhat like coolant and the coolant level IS infact going down. Along with the coolant going down the oil slowly does too. :hmm:
And NOW the check engine light came on, as the car stops too, you can feel a slight misfire so though came in..we changed all 8 spark plugs with brand new bosh platnum 4's..yet we can still feel misfire and check engine light is still on :helpless:

Some Questions!!
First of all, is it normal for t he car to run with the temp. Right in the center?
Secondly, does anyone have ANY idea whats going on with my car and how i can fix, or reduce this problem?

THANKS , i know its alot to read but it will help me TONS
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N*'s do consume some oil by design due to the cross hatched walls of the cylinders.

How much oil are you losing?
Im losing about 28 OZ every 2- 21/2 weeks..depending on how much its driving over the weekend

One thing, um what exactly is this "block test kit and check for exhaust gases in the surge tank"
love to know cuz i definitly want to try and see what exactly im dealing with here.

One more thing, i do know how to do the on board computer scan on the car, but when i do it it says no codes exept the one ABS, even when its misfiring?

Once again thank you for t he answeres looking folward to understanding this technological beast more lol
Another thing, i read that the Bosh platnum 2/4 are great for any car?

Just wondering why the ACDelco 41-987s are the only type and if its hurting the engine having bosh 4's
Alright i think im gonna go look out for those other spark plugs,

One more thing, if it does happen to be the head gasket (hope not, probably is)
How would i go about changing this? does anyone know how to exactly or have some pictures or information that could help me

Once again i am new on this forum so i dont exactly know how to get my answer or if it ha been answered but i just really need a direct answer to why thie cars doing this and how to stop it

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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