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2001 dhs
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Car runs fine, digital dash shows "service suspension system" and always has since new. Many trips to the dealership did not correct the problem. Said they replaced a sender or realy at the bottom of the steering column. I still wonder if they did. Anyhow, it seems to send that message when the tilt/telescopic wheel is adjusted. What has happened recently is that the digital gauge fuel readout will go to empty. At the same time the tire pressure monitors will either not appear at all or only one will read out at 179 pounds. At the same time the gallons used will go to zero and the estimated milage left will go to no indication. I'm thinking maybe a loose or corroded cable connector but don't have any idea where to start. The dash pad has been removed 3 times for repair. Please Help! Thanks..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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