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1998 Seville SLS
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Hi guys i'm kinda new to this forum and have a few questions about my deville. I own a 1998 Black on Black Seville and a 2001 Deville. My questions about the Deville is the sub woofer. My grandparents owned the car and handed it down when they got a new car, they never really listened to the stereo much and the sub was probably deteriorated due to lack of use. I put a sub woofer in my Seville two years ago and have never heard a better stock stereo in a car before. I believe its a 4.0 Bose entertainment system. So i figured since there isn't all that much difference between the stock sub and he one i put in the Seville, i figured I'd put it in my Deville since the stereo is really flat and there is no bass and don't want to blow out the woofers in the doors.

The Deville Stereo is not Bose Unfortunetly :(...however its not bad. The amp really doesnt kick in until the Volume is all the way up. Its pretty crisp sounding but not like my Seville at all.

So here is my question. I have the Battery wire, Ground wire, and Speaker wire hooked up, I just spliced int the wires of the old sub thats blown. Before I looked for my ignition wire aka Remote wire i rigged it to see if it would work just going from Remote to battery and it works fine. Then when I go to hook it up to my ignition source the light comes on when turn on the car but no sound. It only works when its rigged. Any suggestions?

Thats Marc
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