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2001 deville shifting problems

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Well i noticed my deville has been starting in 1st gear and skipping 2nd gear and shifts striaght into 3rd. If I step on the gas hard to make it down shift it over revs the engine like it was in nuetral, then it finally grabs 3rd again if i leave off the gas pedal. So i have no 2nd gear and no 4th gear I took a fuse out for the transmission and it defaulted it to 1st gear. I think I need a new tranny any thoughts?:helpless:
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Hello Delatorre.. I was experiencing shiftting problems similar to yours.. A cadillac mechanic i know told me to change the Vehicle Speed Sensor also know as the VSS.. I changed the sensor and have'nt experienced those problems in months.. Its a cheap part.. only like $30 or so.. Its worth a shot.. Also my check engine light was not on.. No code at all for the VSS came up in the current or history codes.. So there dont have to be codes for it.. I just took a gamble and it worked out.. Good luck..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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