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2001 deville front cigar lighter

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Can anyone explain why after a certain amount of time the cigar lighter circuit appears to shut down? Im using it as a power port to charge cell phone. When i get in the car, start it and plug the charger into outlet, it charges. It stays charging for an undetermined amount of time, then shuts off. I pull out the charger, put cigar lighter in to check if its outlet or charger, cigar lighter doesnt heat. Arrive at destination, turn vehicle off. When i start car again, power is back to outlet. Not understanding.
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The power ports are connected to the system that powers certain features for 10 minutes after Key: OFF - RAP (Retained Accessory Power). It's discussed in your owner's manual and in these FWD forums as well as in Tech Tips.

There are two power port/cig ltr fuses in the underhood box (check the legend in the fuse box top). They are in 2-position sockets. In one position the ports are controlled by RAP; in the other the ports are hot at all times.

This diagram is for my 2002 STS - yours may be a bit different.


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This happens while the car is running. Shutting car down seems to reset the circuit


I will check out the fuse situation and switch mine to see if it makes a difference. Thank you for the response
Hmmmmm................. Look in your owner's manual to find out what is controlled by RAP in your car. Maybe one or more other accessories are affected.

In any event, check/change the fuse locations in the underhood box and see if that cures the problem.

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