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2000 sts overheating

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The car overheats and coolant leaks out of the reserve tank. Ideas?
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Northstars with failing head gaskets do not usually put coolant in the oil, so there will probably be no milky froth on the dipstick and there will be no chocolatey gum inside the oil fill cap.

The proper coolant level is halfway up in the reservoir, cold. There is probably a cold fill legend and arrow molded into the reservoir top and side. DO NOT check it hot. The pressure cap is either 16 psi or 18 psi, depending on year. I think yours is an 18.

"Thermostat and water pump were changed last month"...........were there ANY of these symptoms before the change, and why did you do the change ??? OK - I see water pump. Is the thermostat in correctly ?? - cylinder block/head gasket test kit.
Forgot this - water pump cover/thermostat housing.
Can the head gasket be changed without pulling the motor out?
Given the machine work and just plain access involved in drilling out all 20 head bolt holes and installing inserts or studs, NO. Some can do the job with the engine in the car, but it's made far, far easier if you drop the whole drivetrain out the bottom of the car.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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