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2000 STS, N*interchangibility?

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Looking at affordable used engines. Found a few including a 2006 which obviously wasn't for a seville. Would it work with a 2000 and what years will work?
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Interesting. It's the HG. Looks like even on the cheap end, It's about a $600-$700 in parts. My mechanic isn't thrilled about having to drill and tap. He's a friend of mine and will charge me $600 to do both heads. Thought process is if I can find a later model lower mileage engine, it will ultimately last longer. I'm finding a few for under $1500, my mechanic is saying he'll charge me $450 for the engine swap.
Thanks everyone

So you are at about $2000 for a used motor installed OR $600 for Jakes stud kit plus $600 labor ($1200). Sounds like an easy decision to me.
I bought the car non-running, so I don't know what shape the stock engine is in. I just realized something that's going to drastically going to change the price of labor, you have to remove the engine to drill the block, correct? He's going to do this on the side in his driveway; prob doesn't even have the equipment to do it...
Aren't the 2003+ significantly better then the 2000s in the leaking HG dept? Besides the headgaskets and inserts/studs, what else is needed for parts? Couldn't find it searching, I'm sure there's a post out there if someone wouldn't mind posting...
Yeah, I basically bought the car thinking it'd be a traditional HG replacement, lol. Appears my buddy is going to "contract" a lift. Going to cost more like $1K in labor alone. On craigslist today I found a 2004 N* who claims they have paperwork to prove the mileage of 66K for $1400/OBO meaning I could potentially pick it up for $1200. It's about 300 miles away and I do have a SUV. I could then SELL 2000 longblock, probably get $500. Really seems like the lesser of all evils, but you guys are the experts...Most of you agree that a motorswap is usually not the way to go?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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