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Hi, I am writing from Spain / Europe. I bought myself a 2000 STS and it shows that the left and right front door speakers are scraping and therefor bad sound. I dismanteled the door panel and tok out one speaker at the driver side. And yes, by pushing the membran you can feel that the speaker is bad.
I did some reading and found out that theese speakers are unik to the Bose system and speakers work with an impediance of only 1 Ohm. So no sence to look for other brands of speakers. My door speakers are very flat and 7,5 inch wide.
My question : Where can I find some replacements for a reasonable price ? Would be nice to get some good sound back in my car.
Thanks for any reply !

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Make sure you buy the ones with a black backside on the speaker membrane, the yellow ones from the early part of the 98-04 era are typically the ones that go bad.
Myself I bought a 97-04 Corvette C5 Bose Door Speakers Speaker Woofer Set AA6360 and picked out the bigger speaker which fits our cars too
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