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2000 SLS
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Hey guys my name is Daniel i have a 2000 cadillac sls with 218k on her. I like how you all are very knowledgeable and respectful i wouldnt expect anything less from a cadillac forum. I have some questions im looking to get a little more power and mpg i was wondering if anyone has done a secondary air /smog delete? I live in SC and we have no emissions testing thanks look forward to hearing from you guys

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Re: 2000 SLS - *secondary air*

Hiya - You inland or in the Low Country ?? I lived on Isle of Palms on and off for 16 years when I was stationed on subs in Charleston.

You have what you have and there are NO "Speed Parts" or modifications for our cars. Secondary AIR is an emissions setup that uses an electric blower to send fresh air to the exhaust manifolds during cold starts to quickly light off the (high flow) catalytic converter. It has NO effect on power or fuel mileage as it operates only at cold start - before the engine changes loop operation.

Our cars already have a great cold air intake that flows far more air than the engine can use at wide open throttle redline. No ignition changes are possible and the 2000 - 2004 Northstar PCM has not been hacked for a "tune". Run a good pleated air filter - WIX, Fram, Purolator, PartsMaster, AC Delco. No sense wasting money on over-hyped over-priced K&N stuff.

You could spend $1475 for a CORSA catback system and pick up a few hp (no mileage change) way up in the rpm band; nothing in town or highway driving. It sounds great - quiet in town, no drone on the highway - get on it and it will wake the dead. No baffles anywhere in it.

Exhausts - read this entire thread as well as the dyno runs early in the thread.

Your car has the 275 hp engine, 3.11:1 economy final drive, passive suspension. It is NOT set up as a "performance" car. The engine is calibrated for 87 octane fuels and the 2000 - 2005 PCM will NOT advance timing to take advantage of some slight difference when using higher octane fuels.

As you get deeper into these Northstar car forums you'l find that the best bet is to keep it clean, maintain it, drive it, and enjoy what you have.

Welcome Aboard !!! :yup:

If you want more 2000 - 2004 Seville/Northstar info, click my username, open the profile - left column, albums. 3 albums of stuff for your car.

Keep it looking like this ........


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im looking to get a little more power and mpg
right - you and every other Northstar owner -

GM already picked ALL of the "low hanging fruit" -
meaning they did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to squeeze every "cheap" pony - and every drop of gas -

the ONLY known/proven increase of power is the $1500 exhaust system -
and it only gets you around 15hp at wide-open-throttle and near red line -

bottom line -
save your money -
enjoy the car for what it is -
don't blame it for what it isn't - and never will be -


lastly -
even if you don't have emissions testing/inspections -
it is a FEDERAL CRIME to disable any part of the emissions system -
and - if caught - you MIGHT face the electric chair in california -

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Daniel, welcome to the forums. As posted, there is no bolt on horsepower available to you. K&N filters, throttle body spacers, performance chips, CAI, etc. will change exactly nothing. Keep it shiny and enjoy it.
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