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2000 Navigation Install

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Has anyone tried to install the Pioneer AVIC-DI Navigation in the 2000 Deville?
The unit fits in a double din opening. Have unit but have yet to try the install.
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I have not but I did inquire of one who has (2005) but same issues as 2002 I think. It is not a happy situation as it does not communicate with the Cadillac (GM) data bus II so you lose a lot of integration with the vehicle. Onstar, Bose, wheel controls, exisiting XM etc. There are some "converter" devices that can help restore some things but I decided against it. I recommend you go to a dealer and ask who they use to install those things in your area and talk it over with them before you pop for nav unit. PS: I use a Garmin that sits on the dash in a bean bag. Not as neat and does not have the XM traffic integration and does not have TV etc. but it does navigate just great.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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