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I have a 1994 STS that I love to drive. I have no desire to replace the car (as i am still making payments).
anyway, the engine (114,00 Miles) and has just began a knocking noise somewhere near the A/C compressor. When I push hard on the gas and rev it up to about 4k rpm, then let off after it comes back down to idle speed, it goes clickity, clickity click, click click click. then as it warms up there is a low clack, clack that sounds like a loose rod.
as a solution i was told that i could use a 2000 engine that someone had for sale. so i purchased it and after i got it i did a lot of research as to where to start.
what i want to do is take the 2000 shortblock and put it under the 94 topend and get the car back on the road.
Is this feasable, or possible?
i have been working on cars for 30 years, and am confident i can do it if it is possible. I also have a degree in Electronics, if that helps. :crybaby:

any suggestions if this swap will work or not?: or what you would suggest i do?

thanks for any ideas.....
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