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2000 Escalade
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145k miles, over the past few weeks, there has been a vibration on heavy acceleration as well as a constant low vibration /rumble I could feel on my feet and through the pedal at freeway speeds. Had dealer inspect suspension , trans (had fluid swap), mounts, engine misfires, brakes, all checks out good. No codes.

I've noticed the transmission before the flush had harsh 1/2 shift and wouldn't downshift when power was needed up hills or freeway ramps or passing. After the flush, aside from first thing in the morning, 1/2 shift is butter smooth and was getting occasionally good downshifts.

Yesterday, when traveling up a big hill and I couldn't get it to downshift On its own, I shifted into 2nd and flew up the hill like I've never done before. After this instance, the transmission has come alive And shifts , downshifts are perfect through pedal and my vibration/rumble went away completely. Two long drives and all was well.

Fast forward to the third drive And when I tried to accelerate heavy to speed onto the freeway, I felt an intense vibration from what felt like going from 2nd to third to OD until I reached 70 and backed off the pedal. From this moment on, the heavy vibration stopped but the original low vibration/rumble has returned. The shifts/downshifts are still perfect though.

Any ideas on what this could be? Trans related or maybe a mount? Or perhaps something else like a front cv axle from the 4x4? Could something easily become misaligned and realigned depending on torque of motor/power applied?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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