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2006 escalade
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Hey my starter went .truck was running fine till this happened....I replaced it new starter although it was remanufactured( has warranty) but I put starter back
(during process of installing starter the small wire that comes from truck that goes for ignition I guess ripped exactly where connects to starter bolt but i put wire back).
my truck will only start with my aftermarket remote start but all the dash board lights work when I do this but when started I turn key it doesn't read so when I step on break it does what my alarm always does shut off truck...... But without remote start I put key in ignition, lights on dash don't work when I turn key at all.....all my lights work all other power sources but not to dashboard.????
Did i do something wrong? Could it be problem with part on starter?
can I have input on this situation,driving me crazy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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