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dome, interiort lights will not come on unless I turn instrument light wheel all way till interior lights come on. I have replaced the dome override lights switch and the button still no effect. I have read many others with this problem and they say it is the BCM =- Body Control Module that is locat4ed in the consel between the front seats.
My key fab doesn't work either, quit couple weeks ago, brand new same number key fob still with not program. Vehickle sucrity system seems intact, when I open door with kep had 5 seconmds to inset and turn key before alarm goes of. When I lock the doors and shut the door the front lights blind for a second confirming secutrith system on . I have seen video on how to change BCM and looks straight forward, I was mechanic in 70-80's before computers. I have the GM dealer books on repair, it is 4 books 5" think each covering GM trucks/SUV this year models. Any help would be appreciated, I believe I can do it myself but about ready to take to mechanic, give them all my tech info, books and give them one hour at $169 hr to find the problem but then I could fix it my slef. PROBLEM I have garage beraly fits my SUV and in not heated (little propane) and so small and I hate working in winter have arthritis.
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