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Ok so I have haunted all of the miss fire threads and maybe I have missed something LOL.

I have a 2000 DTS that has a miss. One crankshaft sensor was replaced under 36k miles years ago headgaskets at 125k and the 2nd crankshaft sensor at 190k and it had a surge at idle 20k before and still after the 2nd crank sensor. Then the radiator was replaced due to a cracked tank. I had a ton of weird codes after that, the shop had washed down the engine and the codes cleared up after the engine was to temp for awhile but a miss developed. I checked the codes and a code for the cam sensor popped up, so I replaced that still have a miss but nice even miss and no surging LOL. I also cleaned the EGR valve and MAF still misses. I then decided to replace the plugs and casettes thinking this has to be ignition related even though I only get the P0300 ya it has a miss I dont need a code for that! I have used spray around all the intake areas to see if there is a vacuum leak no dice. Checked the MAP sensor gasket as well. I dont have mechanical noises that would point to a broken valve spring and I have looked through the forums for mechanical issues and it seems it is a rare occurance to have a valve spring break on this engine. The best I can say for the injectors is that they all have the same nice consistant click through a stethescope and the onboard mileage matches the calculated mileage. The exhaust does smell like fuel at all rpm ranges. Oh yea the fuel regulator has been replaced as well when I smelled the unburnt fuel in the exhaust at about 195k first easy thing I thought it was. The plugs when replaced all looked normal no oily ones no gassed down ones etc etc. The mileage when it was surging was always about 19 mpg now once the miss has become consistant 17.2mpg is the mileage 10% or so off. Today my codes are IPC U1000, IPM B0429, PCM P0300, RIM U1000 the only relevant one is the P0300 but thats it! oh ya now 206k on the car.

What am I missing ????????????:banghead: I have put 16k miles on this thing with this issue and would think if it were a valve spring I would have seen it in the plugs or scrambled the engine by now. Oh and as far as my back ground I had owned a automotive machine shop and am used to normal and abnormal mechanical noises maybe I am becoming def who knows?

Thanks in advance
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